About Jay Horowitz

Founder and Owner of Horowitz Agency

Jay has been working in the insurance industry since 1981, during which time he has travelled around the country sharing his expertise with agencies of all types and sizes. From rural areas like Meta, Missouri, to urban centers like New York City, Jay has worked in just about every kind of environment, experience that has helped him identify and address the needs of clients from all backgrounds.

Jay began his career with Pennsylvania Life Insurance, selling accident and life insurance door-to-door to Missouri famers. In 1985, Jay took a position with Associated Doctors Insurance Company, where he learned to sell Medicare supplements and long-term care. Soon thereafter, he started his own company, [name of company].

After moving to Florida, Jay’s business, Horowitz & Associates flourished, and he launched a radio show with Union Broadcasting that promoted insurance to the uninsured. The program, known as “Insurance Beat,” focused on consumer care and was promoted by the Florida Department of Insurance. He also worked with the Department of Insurance with agent investigations.

During this period, Jay become one of the top brokers for a company known as American Medical Security, earning several distinctions, including membership on both the President's Advisory Council and the Million-Dollar Roundtable.

After getting married in 1985, Jay decided to return to the Midwest to move closer to family. The relocation reflects Jay’s deep appreciation for relationships, an appreciation that drives the types of personal, authentic, trustworthy partnerships the Horowitz Agency cultivates with clients.
Jay looks forward to helping you as a client. With a child of his own, family is very important to Jay, and he brings that care and concern to each of his clients.  You can read all about it in our Client Testimonials.

"We should all provide well for ourselves and our families with great protection from great insurance companies that will stand by us in a time of need."

~Jay Horowitz