Critical Illness Insurance Coverage

Critical Illness Insurance can help to eliminate financial worry

You have personal insurance so why an additional policy for Critical Illness Insurance?

Know your coverage.

Private Insurance

People declaring bankruptcy due to medical expenses are finding that health insurance just isn’t enough.  There are unexpected costs due to:

  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Long-term care, housekeeping care and child care not previously needed
all added up to indirect unexpected costs that private insurance doesn't cover.


Medicare provides comprehensive coverage.  However, some services may not be covered such as long-term care and some Medicare drug plans have a coverage gap.

As of 2012, Medicare will pay 14% of the price for generic drugs during the coverage gap. You will pay the remaining 86% of that price.


Cost sharing for Medicaid varies by state but is extremely limited for most participants. The eligibility rules for Medicaid are also different for each state.