Dental insurance Coverage

Dental Insurance plans vary widely, and we pride ourselves in not only helping you understand what plan offers what benefits, but also customizing a plan to fit your needs. 

There are a variety of plans available to you that cater to your individual needs:

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Plans:

Our most popular plan, the PPO is designed to cover your preventative care, like cleanings, routine xrays, and exams, at 100% (no copay) twice a year. Basic services, like fillings and non-surgical extractions, and pain relief, are also covered, but usually require a deductible followed by insurance coverage of 50-80% of the remaining charges. The PPO provides a discount for in-network providers which quite often offers our clients the lowest out of pocket costs.

Call our office for more information regarding PPO Plans.

Indemnity Plans:

The most popular feature of the Indemnity Plan is the ability to choose any licensed dentist without restrictions to in-network dentists on the PPO plan. Although these are quite often our least expensive plans, all services come with a co-pay of varying levels depending on the service you receive, and plan maximums also apply. The members typically pay the dentist and get reimbursed for eligible services.

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Dental HMO (Health Mainenance Organizations) Plans:

The DHMO plans require you to choose one in-network dental facility to coordinate all of your oral health needs but may be worth your effort if you are looking for premium savings. The plans typically do not have any deductibles or maximums. You pay a fixed co-pay for treatment, although diagnostic and preventative services typically have no copay, so you may pay nothing for these services. The downside of this plan is that if you visit a dentist that is outside of the network, you may be responsible for all costs, and specialists require a referral from your primary care dentist. These plans can be very affordable for individuals and families.

You can call our office to inquire about what plans are available and what is right for you and your loved ones, or click on the link below to get a quote.

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