Client Testimonials

We are a small company without a separate department to handle insurance issues. We need the kind of personalized and customized service you offer. You researched options to find a perfect match for our budget and size. Its a relief to have someone you can trust with the ability to clarify alternatives. We consider you part of our team.

Diane Lindsay, CPMSM, CPCS 
President and CEO 
Credentialing Experts, Inc.

I wanted to thank you for all you have done for us. From advising me over the years to going to bat for us with Washington National.

Andrea is home now; her final surgery complete. The ileostomy takedown (or reconnecting the small intestine to the remaining large intestine) went well. She is adjusting to her shortened colon and all that that entails. Thanks to you and your staff, she has a lot less stress to deal with during her recovery.

We received the lump sum check shortly after your visit. We are breathing easy now as our deductible will be met this year without struggle. We have been able to get caught up on other expenses that took a back seat while we dealt with this past year.

I plan on providing a more comprehensive write up of our story for you. Feel free to use it in any way you wish.

Thanks again, you have been a blessing to our family,
Karl & Andrea Wagner

I know that you have always taken great time and patience with me, while figuring out our tiny little group and how best to help us, etc, and the thing that always strikes me is how insightful you are, and how much you genuinely care about us and about how best to help us.

Steven Kozlowski
President, Sands Company Jewelers

[Jay] listened and could read between the lines of my compliant of how I would go to the grave paying all the medical bills when in reality I shouldn’t be. I am so grateful to have run into Jay and to be doing business with him. He didn’t have to go the extra miles fighting for me day after day. It took a lot of his time when he could have made other sales. His is truly a good, hard working, honest, and helpful business person who you just can’t find everyday in business.

Jeanne Welsch
Owner, Rent My

Last year, Jay set me up with health insurance and while he was at it he asked if I would want supplemental insurance as well. I bought some and was glad I did. This past year, I had major medical expenses and I had to pay out of pocket all the deductibles as well as other expenses that come with what I had. The supplemental insurance kicked in and paid for all my expenses and then some to help out with bills. I am self employed and when I don't work, I don't make money.

I am glad Jay talked me into getting the supplemental insurance as it really helped out in a lot of ways.